Blazing site speed without changing a line of code?

April 1, 2014

What if you could increase your site load time by 25% to 50% without changing a line of code?

Would you do it? What would it be worth to you? Considering how search engines now consider page load time in their ranking algorithms, what would the impact be for organic placement for your company?

Every now and again I come across something that just amazes me.  Such is the case with Tenzing’s Site Optimizer service which can be found at .  For those of you not familiar with Tenzing, they’re a new entrant to the Magento hosting arena, but a long time provider of Enterprise class managed service hosting for technologies such as ATG and IBM Websphere.

We did benchmark testing on a number of sites and found that performance was improved by up to 50% in some cases- without having to reprogram anything in the site.  For that type of impact, this should be considered a mandatory investment for any established or rapidly growing ecommerce site. Levementum has begun introducing this tool to our customers and we encourage you to contact us or Tenzing directly ( to learn more about this service.


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