Join a leading technology services company

“Good people and a great place to grow”
– Adam Canova

Control Your Destiny. Enjoy Your Work.

Your career is your own, and Levementum offers a unique and exciting environment to work in.

Relaxed Workplace

Levementum’s relaxed workplace enhances job satisfaction and reduces stress. Stress can cause early burnout, health problems, inability to focus and workplace conflicts. Our management team strives to reduce stress to healthy levels. Fair expectations and a sense of responsibility, which provide healthy stress, instill a drive for success in Levementum employees. This helps our team members contribute more insights and strive to increase their responsibilities, maximizing the potential of the group.

Great Comp

Levementum offers strong and comprehensive salary benefits and incentives. Every employee gets health, dental, life, gap, vision and disability insurance. The company matches 401k plans to 4%, offers a quarterly bonus that is quantitative (not subjective) that has been paid in 90% of all quarters since the company’s inception. Also, the company offers the A/B program, which essentially pays bonuses for overtime – even if you’re salaried!

Learn & Grow

We work with some of the smartest, most ambitious, and intelligent people around – ourselves and our customers (e.g. Google, Microchip, TaylorMade, etc). The problems that we tackle have great impact worldwide. The work is incredibly challenging and interesting. We’re constantly told to think bigger. We really are trying to change the world. We have a great amount of resources at our fingertips. Because Levementum is involved in a large number of industries, there are plenty of opportunities abound to find something that you’re interested in.


When you arrive at Levementum, you won’t find a well-worn path to follow. Your direction is mainly up to you. Making your own way accelerates your growth and inspires you to explore. This freedom is at the root of our mission to create a firm that develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We’ll direct you to a specific engagement, but we’ll also give you the freedom to define your own path.

Guiding Principles

Levementum was built around a core culture that emphasizes and rewards individuals based on the belief that the whole of an organization is greater than the sum of its parts. To that end, we invest heavily in the development of each team member in order to provide growth and personal development opportunities for each person while also emphasizing a team based approach.


Levementum offers high value compensation packages that align the success of each employee to the success of the company as a whole. Variable components of compensation (e.g. bonuses, 401K match, medical/dental/vision insurance and extended benefits) are expected to contribute significantly to total compensation. Every full-time employee immediately qualifies for our outstanding list of benefits.


We attract the best, keep the best, nurture the best, and reward the best. We are always looking for dedicated, highly accountable, quality oriented professionals in the Phoenix area to join our team and look forward to speaking with you about your future opportunities with Levementum.