Levementum Selected As One Of Consulting Mag’s Seven Small Jewels

“Each February, Consulting magazine puts the smaller firms that are shaking up the industry under the microscope. These firms are excelling in many ways, but perhaps the most noticeable way is revenue growth. These Seven Small Jewels are outpacing the profession in terms of their financial performance. And when we say “outpacing,” we mean “way, way, way outpacing” the profession.” … Read More

Marketing (Automation) Across the Customer Journey – Webinar Video

We hope you were able to attend our recent webinar with our partner, Act-On Software. The topic, Marketing (Automation) Across The Customer Journey, is something that is vital to all marketers regardless of industry or company size. Connecting with customers from the first step of awareness along to lead generation, pre-sales, the sales process, as a customer and ongoing to … Read More

Manufacturing: It’s Time To Realize All The Promises Of CRM Vendors

Customer engagement is not the first topic when you think about manufacturing companies — many times areas such as efficiency, scale, cost reduction and operationally driven KPI’s take the limelight. However, it’s important for manufacturing companies to not discount the need for customer engagement because without customers none of the operational efficiencies will matter much. CRM strategies & customer engagement … Read More

Stretch Your Investment With A Success Program

Ask 100 executives how they define success and you’ll likely get close to 100 different responses. The fact is success is relative and uniquely defined within the walls of each organization. In the ever-evolving world of business, customers have more knowledge, understanding and choices than ever before. This change puts the onus on companies to consider their customer experiences when … Read More

SugarCon 2016: Sugar Roadmap Updates

SugarCon 2016 was full of inspirational and forward-looking concepts around the customer journey and customer relationships. We love this topic — and are excited about the continuing industry shift to focus on the customer first. We also recognize for fellow “Sugar-nerds” like us; SugarCon is an important time to understand the upcoming changes and enhancements within the platform. Here is … Read More

Ramping Up With Marketing Cloud

We’re ‘just’ getting started. If you’ve been following Levementum, you may have read about our recent partnership with Inoca Capital Partners. Since joining forces with them in 2015, Levementum has brewed an intriguing combination of approaches to expand our offerings and foster rapid growth. The first of these efforts was announced today with our newest platform addition: the Salesforce Marketing Cloud™ practice. The … Read More

Levementum Named SugarCRM Elite Global Partner Once Again

On the heels of announcing our decade-long partnership with SugarCRM, Levementum is proud also to announce we have once again been named as an Elite partner in the SugarCRM channel. As a SugarCRM user, having an Elite partner on your side is almost imperative to navigating the frontier to optimizing your CRM to match your business processes. Sugar describes the status of … Read More

What to Expect from a First Conversation with Levementum

Thanks again for visiting us and taking the first step optimizing your technology solutions. The focus of your initial conversation with Levementum is “Business First!” The goal is to of course get to know each other a little better, then to identify, scope, and summarize the various interactions to be managed in the technology application(s) relevant to your organization. We … Read More

Levementum Recapitalized to Aggressively Pursue CRM & Digital Market Growth

We here at Levementum are excited to have announced a successful management-led recapitalization with Inoca Capital Partners. The recapitalization will enable us to drive growth, expand our customer base and further accelerate our strong bookings momentum in the growing market for CRM and Digital services. “We are excited about the resources Inoca brings to help us accelerate growth and their ability to be long-term investors. With a … Read More