Levementum Timeline

Setting the Foundation

In 2005 the idea of Levementum began in Paris over drinks with a conversation about accountability. Having grown to fulfill the early goals of becoming a company that is relentless in its pursuit of value creation, Levementum has gained admiration as a company to work for, partner with and grow in, with a focus on culture and valuing the individual and the team with a candid and transparent approach.

Our signature is a simply stated, yet a profound point of fact: we make businesses more efficient, profitable, and prepared to succeed in today’s ever-evolving, always challenging, technology-fueled business world


In 2011, Levementum began to build and sell services to help customers deploy enterprise solutions in the public and private Cloud spaces. It was one of the early adopters of the Amazon EC2 Cloud and developed deep competencies in Cloud deployment, setup, and integration.

As the business continued to flourish, Levementum announced a successful management-led recapitalization with Inoca Capital Partners in 2015. This allowed the business to drive advancement, expand the Levementum customer base and further accelerate value in offering CRM and digital services.

In 2016, the leadership team recognized an opportunity to broaden the Salesforce practice further by establishing a Salesforce Marketing Cloud team in Indianapolis, IN and becoming a fully functional omni-cloud partner. Additionally, deep experience within the eCommerce and manufacturing industries let to the establishment of two vertically focused specialization groups – Consumer/Retail & Manufacturing.

Today, continuing our commitment to offer full life-cycle value as the Customer Engagement Experts, we concentrate on industry leading platforms and technologies including Salesforce, SugarCRM, marketing automation integrations, predictive intelligence, and IoT solutions.


Levementum has a focus on winning and excellence as a business. We believe in respecting and cultivating personal growth, transparency, generational dynamics, family and culture. We are a company that feeds itself by valuing the individual, the team and the technology in harmony.

We make businesses more efficient, profitable and prepared to succeed in today’s quickly evolving, always challenging, technology-fueled business world. Embracing change and facing challenges without fear. That’s transformation. That is what we do at Levementum.

  • Empathy


    Our consulting and technology roots served us well, giving us the unique ability to bridge the gaps between strategy, creativity, and execution, harnessing the complex set of relationships and interactions between a firm and its customers. The same customers, and the very same technology that are now responsible for the dynamic business world in which we live. A world that most businesses are neither prepared for nor equipped to address.
  • Bias for Action

    Bias for Action

    The greatest athletes have a bias for action. So do we. Spotting the opportunity to offer something valuable and breaking through roadblocks to accomplish innovative solutions is one of our core values. We employ the movers, shakers and doers who strive for excellence and aren’t afraid of opposition. This propensity for action keeps us ahead of challenges and prepared to adapt newly approaching changes in the ever adapting technology environment.
  • Respect for People

    Respect for People

    Beyond meeting regulatory requirements and social expectations among our team and customers, we are strengthening our commitment to the people we do business with by proactively engaging and empathizing with the situations of individuals and organizations. We actively listen, offer transparent solutions and professional work to achieve desired outcomes.

Customer Engagement is about creating exceptional customer experiences using insight on when to take action that leads to increased loyalty, retention, advocacy, and ultimately, customer lifetime value. Our mission is to help our customers define successful customer engagement strategies, and then teach them how to use technology (CRM, Marketing Automation, Predictive Intelligence, and eCommerce) to effectively and efficiently execute those strategies.

Doug Guilbeau; Board Member, Levementum

Control Your Destiny. Enjoy Your Work.

Your career is your own, and Levementum offers a unique and exciting environment to work in.

  • Culture

    When you arrive at Levementum, you won’t find a well-worn path to follow. Your direction is mainly up to you. Making your own way accelerates your growth and inspires you to explore. This freedom is at the root of our mission to create a firm that develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We’ll direct you to a specific engagement, but we’ll also give you the freedom to define your own path.
  • Guiding Principles

    Levementum was built around a core culture that emphasizes and rewards individuals based on the belief that the whole of an organization is greater than the sum of its parts. To that end, we invest heavily in the development of each team member in order to provide growth and personal development opportunities for each person while also emphasizing a team based approach.
  • Benefits

    Levementum offers high value compensation packages that align the success of each employee to the success of the company as a whole. Variable components of compensation (e.g. bonuses, 401K match, medical/dental/vision insurance and extended benefits) are expected to contribute significantly to total compensation. Every full-time employee immediately qualifies for our outstanding list of benefits.
  • Careers

    We attract the best, keep the best, nurture the best, and reward the best. We are always looking for dedicated, highly accountable, quality oriented professionals in the Phoenix area to join our team and look forward to speaking with you about your future opportunities with Levementum.