Cross Cloud Strategies: Why Great Marketers Love Sales Cloud

Many modern marketers spend a good deal of time and energy strategizing on how best to  utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In order to see the full power of Marketing Cloud, organizations and marketers now realize they must have as much data as possible from Sales Cloud to drive their decisions and communication.

The “best” ways to use Sales Cloud data within Marketing Cloud are, of course, specific to your business needs and goals. However, we’ve outlined two general use cases that have led to significant results for our customers. We refer to this concept of using data from one cloud to power actions and decisions in another cloud as cross cloud strategies. This allows for an increased overall effectiveness from your Salesforce usage.

Power Marketing Drip Campaigns With Sales Cloud Data (B2B):  

  • Opportunity: Utilize staging data within Sales Cloud to segment marketing drip and retention email, social & text campaigns.
  • Implementation Recommendation: Utilize sales cloud to evaluate at what stage the bulk of opportunities are getting stuck, then putting together a Marketing Cloud Journey to support this stage and assist the sales teams to push opportunities.
  • Result: A Marketing Cloud Journey begins when a customer moves into the identified “problem” stage of the sales process, and the customer would receive appropriate, relevant & compelling content in this stage that works in tandem with the 1:1 B2B sales process.  The salesperson would receive open and click data by campaign within their Sales Cloud view to allow them to prioritize the most interested opportunities.
  • Clouds Utilized: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud

Utilize Past Purchase Data And Behavior From Sales Cloud To Power Dynamic Content In Marketing Cloud (B2C):

  • Opportunity:  Utilize historical sales data to make informed decisions on complementary and additional products to market to consumers.
  • Implementation Recommendation:  Depending on the number of SKUs; either analyze at the product or product category level the first purchase, second purchase, third purchase of customers. Utilize this data to create appropriate journeys with the knowledge of what the next likely purchase would be and focus on this product or category within the email, mobile & social touchpoints.
  • Result: The digital marketing team can create appropriately targeted Marketing Cloud Journeys that are powered by purchase data.
  • Clouds Utilized: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud

Levementum is a Salesforce Gold partner and among the few in the market with the expertise to implement, customize and service commercial, commerce and enterprise business needs across all the Salesforce products. Contact Us today to accelerate your marketing with cross cloud strategies using Salesforce.

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