Webinar: Order Management and Fullfillment with In Fifth Gear

Overview of Outsourced Order Management and Fulfillment with Fifth Gear

August 19 2014

Presented by Levementum

Order Management and Fulfillment

Overview of Outsourced Order Management and Fulfillment with Fifth Gear Webinar 

Presented by Levementum

August 19 2o14

In Fifth Gear and Levementum are excited to co-host an Overview of Outsourced Order Management and Fulfillment Webinar on Tuesday, August 19 at 11am PST / 2pm EST.

Many growing merchants struggle with establishing and growing their fulfillment and delivery operations.  Finding and retaining good staff with expertise in how to run order management operations is a unique skill, often requiring significant time and investment to grow out effectively.  A new trend in the marketplace, especially for merchants driving sales through eCommerce channels, is to leverage a outsourced, full managed order management partnership.  Fifth Gear is a leader in this space and in our webinar, we’ll interview key members of the Fifth Gear team to provide you with valuable insight on how this type of relationship will benefit your company.

We will discuss:

  1. What managed order management services are and the financial value they provide
  2. Why Fifth Gear is a great solution for companies to consider, especially those driving sales through eCommerce sites
  3. Key background facts and figures to help you identify if you should be considering this type of arrangement now and what is involved in getting started

Even if you cannot attend during this time, register anyway and we will send you a link to the video!


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About In Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear is a single-source provider of order fulfillment, customer care, and retail technology for some of retail’s largest direct-to-consumer brands. As an “invisible partner” to ecommerce merchants, Fifth Gear handles all aspects of the post-purchase experience, including pick and pack fulfillment, order shipment, returns processing, customer service, freight management, product personalization, and site design.

Fifth Gear’s headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana with additional locations in Louisiana, Missouri; Moberly, Missouri; and Hazleton, Pennsylvania.


About Levementum

Our story started in 2005, in a Brasserie in Paris, Le Saint Andre. Two guys with a shared business inspiration sat down (over a couple bottles of wine), to plot the path of a new company. To an observer, the conversation would have seemed confusing. There was no mention of customers, markets, revenue, profits, expansion, or personnel. No talk of competition, strategy, or differentiation. Marketing strategy? Business development? Technology? Not a word.

The discussion centered on one thing. Shared Values.

They talked about accountability. Empathy. Bias for Action. Respect for people. The meaning of winning. The definition of excellence. Personal growth. Generational dynamics. Family. Culture. At the end of the conversation, they had a plan. It was to build a company that people would aspire to work for. Grow in. Partner with. A company that others would wonder, “why do they seem to be having such a good time?” A team that would stand the test of time, and would ultimately test itself. A culture that would feed itself, by valuing the individual and the team in perfect harmony. A team that would attract the best, keep the best, nurture the best and reward the best. An organization that would never “talk about trust,” but would quietly “earn trust.” and relentlessly “protect trust.” A team that would be relentless in its pursuit of value creation, and value capture. A team that wouldn’t simply embrace diversity, but would live it, because it believed in it.

Doug and Geoff realized that there would be no formula for the implementation of this, but by constantly testing value adherence, and applying it to everything, Levementum would be able to do something special–for its customers and for itself.

Our consulting and technology roots served us well, giving us the unique ability to bridge the gaps between strategy, creativity, and execution, harnessing the complex set of relationships and interactions between a firm and its customers. The same customers, and the very same technology, that are now responsible for the dynamic business world in which we live. A world that most businesses are neither prepared for nor equipped to address.

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