Plan Your Customer Enablement Roadmap

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.  ~Dr. Phil

This is why professional athletes watch a ridiculous amount of game footage or why many organizations have adopted various 360-degree performance reviews — you can’t get better if you don’t know where your real weaknesses lie.

This is what our Health Assessments are all about — figuring out where you are today, what areas you have to improve and what an ideal roadmap would look like to get your business to an ideal state. It is likely that after your business enablement technology was implemented you had a moment of bliss — everything was working as expected (finally) and the business was happy; however, what about the constant change and influences which requires a business to be agile enough to evolve. Any successful business will transform over time to accommodate new market trends, shifting buying behaviors, customer expectations and more.

So, what has changed since your implementation?

2Chances are your business looks different than it did on the days following the implementation, testing, and training of your CRM, Marketing Automation, Intelligence  Solutions or Customer Service Platforms. Areas of focus, your supply chain, profit margins, go-to-market plans and leadership have likely undergone various levels of transformation. In some cases, the original deployment may have been a disappointment or inadequately governed resulting in lower levels of adoption, poor visibility into results, or operational changes that don’t deliver the levels of improvement anticipated.  Health Assessments can help in ensuring these changes are accounted for and reflected so your current business needs are solved within your technology platforms as well as work through strategies of adoption and organizational buy in.

In a Health Assessment, we reassess the current state of your business operation, needs, and goals and identify the shortcomings in your current technical solution set that can be augmented and improved to drive the next phase of success. We will also assess the technical effectiveness of what has been deployed and make recommendations for elements that may be refactored to eliminate barriers to adoption or effectiveness.

These assessments will help you answer questions such as the below and allow you to make informed business decisions on what your next steps should be in regards to your business technology solutions.

  • Are we utilizing the right tools?
  • Is our set up salvageable or do we need to start over with a revised implementation?
  • What has made organizational adoption successful or unsuccessful?  How do we address these issues or replicate the successes?
  • How do we leverage our existing process and how can we match that to the trends we are seeing in our industry?

Ultimately when the Health Assessment is complete, your company will have a keen understanding of what can be done, what should be done, how it should be done, and what is the most effective path to getting it done in terms of time and cost. Then, we leave you to make the (informed) decision for your business.  

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Rikki Green
Marketing & Demand Generation Manager