Hunter Industries

Hunter Industries


I like working with Levementum beacuse they don't tell me that someting can't be done. had the ability to tie it all together: the call center, the website, the ERP, and bring it all into one. They spoke our language. The turnaround time, and the pricing and it worked really well for us.

Alex Ferrel, CRM Projects Supervisor, Comtech EF Data

Centralized Management of Global Sales Force

Condensed CRM with Reduced Support Costs

Hunter Industries is a global leader and manufacturer of irrigation, landscape lighting, and custom manufacturing products. Their product innovations have earned them the reputation and ability to do business in 125+ countries across the world. Although  global, they’re family owned, which makes them unique. Their casual, fun and friendly work environment is something They’ve preserved over the years, even with more than 1,500 employees.


Needed a centralized solution to manage its global sales force l Contacts, customers, potential opportunities, and customer support cases were all managed on disparate systems l Integration or consolidation of this data was not possible given the myriad of technologies l Needed a consolidated application that provides its global teams realtime data over the web and mobile phones l Hunter needed a customer support system that could be tied into their new phone system


SugarCRM On-Demand l Integrations to Hunters SQL serverbased ERP system to integrate customer rewards and other data l An enhanced case management system to replace existing Lotus Notes database.


Hunter migrated multiple databases and spreadsheets to a single, consolidated CRM l Customer rewards, and other information, was integrated into the CRM l Application support costs are reduced due to having a single application hosted by SugarCRM