Mohawk Fine Papers

Mohawk Fine Papers


I like working with Levementum beacuse they don't tell me that someting can't be done. had the ability to tie it all together: the call center, the website, the ERP, and bring it all into one. They spoke our language. The turnaround time, and the pricing and it worked really well for us.

Alex Ferrel, CRM Projects Supervisor, Comtech EF Data

Supporting an Integrated Sales Process

A New Approach to a Complex Channel Sales Model

Mohawk is the largest privately owned paper mill company in the US. They had been traditionally dependent on Paper Distributors and needed to take over control of their demand creation process with an integration to Pardot for Marketing Automation.


Legacy sales model that focused on selling paper to printers through an established network of distributors

Distributors no longer investing in the demand creation process

Mohawk future was dependent on developing new digital printing substrates and paper products that are more complex to sell

Needed new sales models and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to take sales process from distributors, to the influencers of paper demand: Printers, Designers

Need instruction on how to implement CRM technologies to measure a new sales model and approach


Series of Levementum CRM Discovery and Coaching Sessions to model a new approach for the sales organization

Assist in the develop of a vision for how to use technology to support the higher frequency, lower value transactions associated with ‘going direct’

Defining a new measurement model for business development and forecasting

Defining a comprehensive CRM program, that models the new methods, processes, and KPI’s identified in the design discussion

PARDOT marketing automation integration to ‘influence the influencers’


Rapid deployment of ‘trial direct programs’ in key markets prove that Mohawk can sell and influence direct

Building on the trials and the flexibility of the market leading CRM, new opportunity and funnel models are deployed every 4-6 weeks to build upon the lessons learned from each trial, and expand the demand creation effectiveness

Mohawk has effectively provided an outlet for direct purchasing and support of printers, and influencers, in key markets for new, high-margin products