I like working with Levementum beacuse they don't tell me that someting can't be done. had the ability to tie it all together: the call center, the website, the ERP, and bring it all into one. They spoke our language. The turnaround time, and the pricing and it worked really well for us.

Alex Ferrel, CRM Projects Supervisor, Comtech EF Data

Centralized Business Deal Center for all Channels Grouped into a Single Operation

Centralized Deal Center with Highly Complex Ecosystem for Dealers, Retailers and Distributors

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  • Needed a centralized process component that would allow its sales and operations teams to setup a business deal in a fraction of the time.
  • Ability to edit multiple records on multiple objects at one time.
  • Ability to attach collateral and collect intelligence information about a particular deal in one action.
  • Ability to export the unified business deal view to excel.


  • Developed a multi-step, wizard process that allows the user to create a variety of records in one action across multiple objects.
  • The multi-step wizard was coupled with a Visualforce element that offered a summarized view.
  • The solution was also armed with the capability of producing bundle deals which provides the user with the ability to control multiple business deals.
  • The elements of this solution required expert level consulting on Visualforce, JavaScript and CSS.


  • Business deal processes that occurred in series of multiple iterations are now grouped into a single operation.
  • Maximized the efficiency, in which users provide actions to current business deals.
  • Generated ability to respond faster to business deal metrics change.
  • Provide security boundaries to enforce data integrity