Reflecting On 2017: An Interview with Lev Leaders

2017 was a historical and record breaking year in Levementum’s history. Nearly doubling in headcount across the nation, opening an office in Indianapolis, announcing a Commerce Cloud practice in Michigan and continuing to cultivate our partnership with Salesforce, last year will be remembered for the hard work exhibited by all our team members and the tireless dedication that was shown to drive our success. Our most proud accomplishment of the year was rising in ranks within the Salesforce ecosystem from Registered Partner to Platinum partner. We reflect on these paramount accomplishments with CEO Doug Guilbeau and SVP of Sales, Marketing and Alliances Michael Burton to gain perspective on what this means for Levementum in terms of our past, present and future.

Question: In your opinion, what contributed most to the explosive growth over the last year?

Doug Guilbeau: On one hand, we began to recognize that some of the greatest growth opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem are now focusing on B2C customers, Customers in the Retail, Consumer Products, and Hospitality industries. We also focused on building a world-class team that is better at implementing solutions and understands how to tackle the unique puzzles that our customers need solved.

Micheal Burton: We’re lucky that our people have years of experience with Salesforce and can get in every day by delivering successful implementations and services to our customers and create amazing stories for us to share. The more this happens, the more word gets back to Salesforce of our team and what we can do.

Q: What are you the most proud over the last 12 months?

DG: Too many things to count, but the most top-of-mind are these: Our contacts at Salesforce said that going from a Registered Partner to a Platinum Partner in 12 months couldn’t be done, but we did it. We’ve established an amazing footprint in Indianapolis, which we are expanding now into Michigan with our Commerce Cloud practice. We’ve reinvented ourselves to focus on newer technologies. Our family of Lev employees has grown by nearly 100%, adding new faces and new value to each of our customers. And finally, I’m proud of the level of diversification we’ve established with the people we’ve hired across the business.

MB: We’ve become the top Marketing Cloud partner out there. We’ve built quite the presence in my hometown and been able to give opportunities to amazing people. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re the underdog – we’re competing against organizations that are a hundred times larger than us and we continue to excel. We have amazing people that help us drive to be competitive and continue to punch way above our weight class.

Q: What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned in this short growth spurt?

DG: I’ve learned the incredible importance of not assuming every model for running a business will fit in every case. You have to constantly listen to feedback from your customers and employees without trying to hold onto sacred cows. What’s worked in the past won’t always work moving forward.

MB: In order to deal with a high-growth company like Lev, there will be multiple points in a day where you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I came to Lev with zero direct sales experience, and now I’m leading our sales team – that’s uncomfortable.

Q: What’s next for Lev in 2018 now that Platinum has been achieved?

DG: The most top-of-mind thing for me would be to build the same world-class practice for Commerce Cloud that we did for Marketing Cloud. Longer term, I want us to establish a great partnership with our local communities to increase the capacity to teach more people the craft of these technologies through our community colleges or universities. As the Salesforce ecosystems creates more than three million jobs in the next five years, I want to set the precedent that we will continue creating more jobs in our local communities versus sending them to another country.

MB: By the end of 2018, we’ll have more clarity on what Lev wants to be the best at beyond just Marketing Cloud. We’re zeroing on what verticals and industries we want to be the best at across all Salesforce solutions.

In hindsight, 2017 taught all of us at Lev how to work quickly, with efficiently and with great agility to keep our customers satisfied and projects work exceeding expectations. We look into 2018 with excitement and wonder of just what it will hold. We look forward to sharing in the journey with you, and offering more quality support and services across our customers businesses.