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Levementum helps customers realize the potential of the Customer Success Platform. With our team of highly trained, multi-cloud specialist, you can expect the best services delivered when and where you need them, across the entire Salesforce® platform.

Support Your CRM Vision

Advanced and Complex Challenges? Our Specialty.

Quite simply Levementum was there for us and helped us over every hurdle. I really appreciate the time they took to help me understand the migration process and how committed they were to making sure we got up and running correctly. The most important part is we now have a CRM that addresses our specific business challenges and feels like it was made just for us. Thanks again and I can assure anyone who is looking to set up Salesforce should look no further you will help them through whatever challenge and leave them with a solution that exceeds their expectations.

Doug Borses, Director of Sales and Marketing, Diazyme Laboratories, Inc.

Advance Salesforce With The Right Support

Align to Your Business Objectives

Your team works closely with a dedicated, 100% certified Levementum team to determine the best approach to make your CRM journey successful. From discovery through deployment, from business process design through integration, from requirement analysis through adoption programs, Levementum executes complete services for the Salesforce ecosystem, and ensures you achieve measurable business results on time and within budget.

Leverage Dynamic Partnerships

Get your complete customer view with unified systems. Salesforce's AppExchange® offers a robust ecosystem of plugin solutions that enhance the value of your CRM investment. Levementum partners with some of these ISV partners to offer our customers a way to expand the discussion and increase the insight within the Salesforce platform.

Connected Systems Create 360 Degree Customer Insight

Levementum’s Salesforce focused services help organizations unify multiple applications into one seamless solution. Improve efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry, streamlining business processes, and reducing maintenance costs. Tailor your process to optimally handle your customer service or sales experience, rather than being constrained by the way your legacy application forces its processes on your users.

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Customer Service Is Evolving

Master the Landscape

Today’s customers expect fast, accurate answers across their channel of choice. To keep up with these expectations, traditional call centers must transform into “customer engagement centers”. Organizations must be equipped to respond on mainstream channels like phone and email, as well as less traditional lines of communication such as social networks and chat. They also expect the same consistent experience across every channel and through a mobile interface. As companies add these new channels to keep up with evolving customer needs, they struggle internally to integrate them all together in an easy user experience for their agents. Give your agents the tools they need to provide fast, efficient service to customers.

Happy Agents = Happy Customers.