Salesforce Support, Your Way

Cross Cloud Support Programs for Sales Coud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud

Support Programs driven by SLA and Cost Control

One constant with Salesforce deployments is that success always breeds demand for more change. You want to add new features, enable new capabilities and models, support new customer programs or classifications, update your sales process, or have questions answered about how to best tackle a new objective. There is always one more thing you want to do. For those organizations that have an established utilization of the Salesforce platform Levementum has the most flexible and predictable support option for you, no matter if it's on or between Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Commerce Cloud, we work based on your objectives. It is called our Customer Success Program.

To help Salesforce customers get the most value from their investment, Levementum created the Customer Success Program for Salesforce. Unlike most support programs where you log a ticket and wait days for an answer that says your question is a customization, Levementum’s support program is about helping you implement ongoing change. Not only will we answer your questions, but we’ll assign developers to execute your change requests with established service level agreements.

Solutions Designed to Fit Your Requirements

If you are ready to take your Saleforce implementation to the next level, Excelling in optimizing your investment, Levementum helps organizations implement the changes needed to drive optimized results. Through our platform expertise and relationships with AppExchange vendors, our services are sure to propel you towards your business objectives.

Bioriginal started working with Levementum during an ERP/Salesforce integration. Since that time, they have been an excellent resource and sounding board for theories and projects within Salesforce. You can communicate your business need, and they architect around your desired goal, not the technical limitations.

Matthew Murray, System Manager