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Customer-driven Salesforce solutions that enhance interactions between your workers and customers and optimizes the way your business is run. Experience a hand picked team that fits your scope of needs to create a healthy organization, set up to advance your business.

Engage Your Customers Where They Are

In today’s buyer-centric world, Salesforce gives organizations the foundation and flexibility to power even the most complicated businesses. Yet, every great company needs subject matter experts to maneuver the robust platform – a partner with the ability to tie together the technology with business processes throughout the full life-cycle of a customer’s journey with the brand. Whether it’s a boost in sales, customer service, marketing, retail, field service, operations or across the entire company, Levementum acts as an extension of you organization to create momentum by optimizing, connecting, supporting and innovating across the broad spectrum of Salesforce products.


Technology and business are fast moving. Whether it’s starting fresh with a new implementation, reinventing an existing implementation, overhauling processes, migrating systems or adding new products or lines of business, strategy is key. Lean on a team that’s been mastering Salesforce for over a decade and is passionate about creating better businesses through Salesforce solutions. Technology, processes and people all in harmony. Imagine that.


Most companies find that they invest significant resources in technology solutions that no longer meet their needs. It’s a challenge to overcome the need to prepare, design and manage perspectives and needs versus desires. Levementum’s team of experts design and build industry-leading solutions that meet both the needs of the organization and its customers. Solving for unique business objectives is our specialty, but teaching and guiding for success is our passion.


Integration is essential in obtaining effective results in customer engagement strategies that move businesses forward. Connecting technologies and making systems work to their peak performance is about finding knowledgeable partners you can trust to navigate the landscape. Experience expertise, agility and transparency to achieve business-enhancing objectives and ROI with Salesforce solutions, on time and on budget with the Lev team.


Keeping a Salesforce org in line with organizational processes and technology updates can be overwhelming and resource-constraining. Great teams rely on partners that can be an extension of themselves to meet the changing demands on the organization in the technology-fueled world. By partnering with subject matter experts, you can save time, money and frustration by counting on a team that works in the same way your company is doing business.

“Levementum quickly understood and internalized our company values and mission and helped lead us on a journey that allowed for the highest levels of system adoption, while resulting in tremendous process improvements.”

— Jon Parmley, Business Systems, KASASA

Meet Your Technology and Business Needs

Grow your business by aligning your people and YOUR customers in ways that matter to them. Online, in stores and across channels, get the strategies and tools needed to optimize your Salesforce investment and connect more personally with your customers. Let’s discuss your organizational goals.