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See how we integrated Kasasa’s customer support and operations through CRM to enable company wide collaboration

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"Levementum made an immediate impact on our business and processes by providing a superior level of knowledge and expertise around Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The Levementum team quickly understood our specific use cases & challenges then developed solutions that have allowed us to create more streamlined user experiences, both internally & externally."

Cory Frenkel, Beachbody, LLC

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Optimize your CRM with services built for your needs. Levementum's annual support contract offers a customized solution to meet the needs and budget of your organization. Get the updates you need, the changes you want and the reporting required to guide decision making toward meeting business objectives - all at your pace.


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Oftentimes you can tell how much someone knows about a topic or business not by the statements they make but the questions they ask. We at Levementum believe in asking the right questions and then listening (really listening) to our customers responses. This allows us to tailor our recommendations in a meaningful and efficient way.