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Success Programs from a 11 Year Veteran

We've been at this since Sugar 3.51. Our experience is diverse and includes work with organizations in the startup phase all the way to global enterprise organizations. Our Success Programs lets you focus on what matters to your business. Leave the clean up work to us!

Maximize Your Investment

With a business critical application like Sugar, you need to accommodate continual changes in your business environment to meet your customers needs and business objectives. At the same time, you want to adopt the new ideas and capabilities that inspire users to do more with Sugar. The Levementum Success Program can help you do both. Our elite team has the knowledge and experience to execute even the most ambitious Sugar vision.

With an “all you can eat” style consumption model, the Success Program puts you at the top of your game—and keeps you there. It’s what you need to stay compliant, stay competitive, and get the greatest value from your solution over time. Your plan and Levementum’s Success Program will give you the winning combination for success!

Maximize Your Sugar Investment

Customer achievement is a top priority at Levementum and our most advanced Sugar customers take advantage of our Success Program that helps them achieve up to an 80% higher return on their Sugar investment. The Success Program include a customized combination of support driven by your need for support, training, and resources designed to drive adoption, increase user productivity and ensure a streamline business while minimizing risk.

Single Point of Contact

Get the most our of your Success Program through best practices, adoption strategies, proactive recommendations, and release readiness. Success Programs also includes an Engagement Manager who is there to guide you through optimizing the use of the program while getting you the support engagements to help you achieve specific improvements.

Customers Leveraging Success Programs

Levementum had the ability to tie it all together: the call center, the website, the ERP, and bring it all into one. They spoke our language – it wasn’t like we were trying to introduce them to our industry or anything, they had the knowledge, the turnaround time, and the pricing and it worked really well for us.
Ernie Kozlowski, Executive VP, Valtim Marketing Solutions

Not Sure You're Ready For A Success Program?

Clarify Your Vision for Customer Engagement

An organization’s needs and goals continue to evolve after it has implemented customer success solutions such as Sugar. Whether the implemented technology addresses CRM, Customer Service, Marketing Automation, Web Solutions or other key areas of business, most companies find that over time they have outgrown their original implementation and have a new set of challenges to overcome using their established solutions.

Levementum recognizes these challenges and the need to continually evolving and growing your technology solutions to achieve the next set of goals. Because of the ever present need to evolve, Levementum offers Health Assessment to reassess the current state of your Sugar environment.