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Levementum helps you find the solution that is right for your company and meets your business needs. You will have peace of mind knowing the best SugarCRM developers worldwide are working at your side.

A Decade of SugarCRM Solutions

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Celebrating 11 Years As SugarCRM Partner. Leverage The Experience.

As a leading service provider on many of SugarCRM largest transformational projects, Levementum understands how to help customers rapidly achieve measurable business value from CRM technology and has proven its worth in projects across all industries—delivering customer success in terms of operations impact, delivery quality and business value. 


Manage Your Investment With Ease

With an “All You Can Eat” style consumption model, the Levementum Success Programs and Managed Service Programs provide you with a help desk that already knows your business. Your requests are satisfied sequentially, with you controlling the priority.

Success Programs

  • Service and Support Requests
  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Pricing Models for Every Budget

This allows you to complete a variety of support tickets, service requests, customizations, even training – under a single simple support arrangement. We offer a variety of levels to our Success Programs allowing customers the freedom to select the plan that works for them based on their assumed consumption and budget.

Managed Services

  • Rapid, High Quality Support
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Discounted Monthly Rates

This allows you to complete defined tasks and estimate effort with regard to your business. Your requests are managed by a technical account manager who provides timely status reports for constant monitoring or defined tasks and peace of mind.

Levementum tied it all together into one solution...

Levementum had the ability to tie it all together: the call center, the website, the ERP, and bring it all into one. They spoke our language - it wasn't like we were trying to introduce them to our industry or anything, they had the knowledge, the turnaround time, and the pricing and it worked really well for us.
Ernie Kozlowski, Executive Vice President, Valtim Marketing Solutions

Approximately 70% of initial CRM implementations fail.

Be Among the 30%.

If you have ever invested large sums of time and money for a technology solution only to watch it fail to live up to expectations among users—or if you’ve ever been deadlocked on an implementation because there was critical functionality or workflow missing—then you should consider working with Levementum’s customer engagement managers to conduct a Discovery.

To make sure you are realizing the most value for your investment of time and money, Levementum offers a prescriptive approach to the identification of the most important needs and opportunities and how to address each when approaching a customer engagement solution implementation such as CRM or marketing automation. This engagement model—the Discovery Process—brings together the key subject matter experts in your organization and pairs them with business and technology experts at Levementum.

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