Continuous Improvement: Driving Performance through Personalization

Think about the last time you really were captivated by an email? What captured you? The CTA? The brand? The design? The contest? The prices? After spending my entire career in digital marketing, I have admittedly become numb to most messaging. You may have as well. But maybe you can relate, there are things that keep coming back, like when … Read More

Journey Builder or Automation Studio: Which Do We Choose?

Both Journey Builder and Automation Studio are powerful tools that Marketing Cloud customers have access to. However, it’s oftentimes confusing to determine when it’s appropriate to use one versus the other. Luckily, both Automation Studio and Journey Builder do serve unique purposes – it’s just a matter of figuring out which route is more in line with your particular marketing … Read More

Preference Centers 101: Customer Marketing Solutions

A major part of building relationships with your customers, is setting the tone for interactions with the communications tools you implement within your organization. While it may seem basic to consider allowing your customers to select the desired frequency, content and communications they receive; it is in fact, an area that is often overlooked and has potentially high impact on … Read More

Imagine 2014 Listrak Bootcamp: The Easy Way to Handle E-mail Marketing.

As the Magento Imagine conference rolls on and the titans of commerce continue developing new and innovative ways to bring merchant products to customers in all corners of the world, there are a few partners that stand out from the crowd. Among those on higher ground is digital marketing solutions company, Listrak. Listrak provides customers a single digital integrated platform … Read More

Leverage Bronto to drive the next wave of growth for your Magento site

Does this scenario sound familiar?  You’ve recently overhauled your online store to rekindle the spark and growth you had three years ago but which has since died down. You redesigned the entire user interface to be clean, polished and modern. You’ve incorporated social media tools to let your loyal customers organically promote your brand. You’ve improved your product categorization, added … Read More