Continuous Improvement: Driving Performance through Personalization

Think about the last time you really were captivated by an email? What captured you? The CTA? The brand? The design? The contest? The prices? After spending my entire career in digital marketing, I have admittedly become numb to most messaging. You may have as well. But maybe you can relate, there are things that keep coming back, like when … Read More

Four Phases to Customer Engagement Success

Business today is about relationships. Every interaction with your brand creates customer opinions and emotions that defines their next steps for engaging. A negative, poorly timed or awkward engagement can quickly derail a customer journey.  Appealing to their specific needs, at the right time is a crucial component of success. Technology allows companies to quickly identify, test and optimize interactions … Read More

CRM Matters for Successful eCommerce Merchants

Many of us are just old enough to remember the UPS commercial about the company that launched their new online store.  The handful of entrepreneurs cheered as they saw the first orders come in.  When the orders picked up and number more than 100, they screamed. Then 1000 orders…unbelievable. Then, as the numbers continued to grow, the mood became somber? Now … Read More

Why Would a B2B Company Invest in an eCommerce Solution?

A few questions to consider: Is your company one of many that sells not only direct to consumers, but also through partners, affiliates, and/or distribution channels? Have you discussed expanding your web presence to capture more online sales but held off because you view your direct to consumer (B2C) business too small to invest in? Are you looking to find … Read More

X.Commerce, What Could it Mean to You?

X.commerce looks to provide the framework to solve the problems many businesses run into when they find themselves with systems integrated from a series of batch jobs or home grown systems. It is the grand vision that a registration on any of these systems could propagate in real time to other systems, and provide a truly universal view of a … Read More