Lev Shifts Focus Toward Consumer Marketing and Customer Management

It’s an exciting time at Lev as we continue to set our sights on becoming a premier digital consultancy by focusing our business on consumer-facing marketing and customer management partnerships. To support our fast growth nationwide, we have raised $4 million in funding and have sold our SugarCRM Partner practice. This is a decision that marks the celebration of another … Read More

Levementum Sets Sights on Becoming the Premier Digital Consultancy Focused on Consumer Engagement

The Digital Consulting Firm Announces a Successful Funding Round of $4 Million and the Sale of its SugarCRM Partner Rights   CHANDLER, Ariz. (April 17, 2018) — Levementum (“Lev”), an Arizona-based digital consultancy with offices in Chandler as well as Indianapolis, California, Texas, and Michigan, today announced its focusing all efforts on consumer-facing marketing and customer management partnerships as it … Read More

Combat SugarCRM Stagnation With Consultative Support

Oftentimes you can tell how much someone knows about a topic or business not by the statements they make but the questions they ask. We at Levementum believe in asking the right questions and then listening (really listening) to our customers responses. This is an especially vital piece of our Sugar Health Assessments. You know your business and we know … Read More

Plan Your Customer Enablement Roadmap

You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.  ~Dr. Phil This is why professional athletes watch a ridiculous amount of game footage or why many organizations have adopted various 360-degree performance reviews — you can’t get better if you don’t know where your real weaknesses lie. This is what our Health Assessments are all about — figuring out where you are … Read More

Stretch Your Investment With A Success Program

Ask 100 executives how they define success and you’ll likely get close to 100 different responses. The fact is success is relative and uniquely defined within the walls of each organization. In the ever-evolving world of business, customers have more knowledge, understanding and choices than ever before. This change puts the onus on companies to consider their customer experiences when … Read More

SugarCon 2016: Sugar Roadmap Updates

SugarCon 2016 was full of inspirational and forward-looking concepts around the customer journey and customer relationships. We love this topic — and are excited about the continuing industry shift to focus on the customer first. We also recognize for fellow “Sugar-nerds” like us; SugarCon is an important time to understand the upcoming changes and enhancements within the platform. Here is … Read More

Four Phases to Customer Engagement Success

Business today is about relationships. Every interaction with your brand creates customer opinions and emotions that defines their next steps for engaging. A negative, poorly timed or awkward engagement can quickly derail a customer journey.  Appealing to their specific needs, at the right time is a crucial component of success. Technology allows companies to quickly identify, test and optimize interactions … Read More

Maximizing Outcomes Of Your Next Product Demo

Choosing the best technology solutions for your business structure can be complicated and confusing. Vendor demonstrations are a vital component in choosing the best solution for your organization. Properly preparing will give you critical information to compare and contrast between vendors to aid you in making the best selection. When underprepared the demo can turn into a stage show for … Read More

What to Expect from a First Conversation with Levementum

Thanks again for visiting us and taking the first step optimizing your technology solutions. The focus of your initial conversation with Levementum is “Business First!” The goal is to of course get to know each other a little better, then to identify, scope, and summarize the various interactions to be managed in the technology application(s) relevant to your organization. We … Read More