Why the Buzz Around SugarCRM?

New to SugarCRM? Sugar 7 will knock your socks off. The updated UI, new features and enhancements offer a premium way to augment your CRM investment.

Enhance User and Customer Experiences

SugarCRM is the next generation customer engagement platform that empowers every customer facing professional across the enterprise to more effectively connect individuals to individuals. Focusing on the power of the end user, Sugar 7 is a game changing CRM solution that delivers intelligence to every user, aiming to help all employees create meaningful experiences that add value for your customer and equip businesses with a new way to elevate their i2i user-to-customer engagements.


What's New In SugarCRM?

Advanced and Enhanced Features Give a Unique i2i Experience


How Do I Upgrade?

The First Step: Assess

Upgrading is a big decision. With SugarCRM’s flexible deployment options, customers run many different versions of Sugar. While upgrading should always be considered, the first step should always be to assess. When upgrading from an earlier version of SugarCRM to 7.x, assessing your environment to determine compatibility and challenges to upgrade is an essential beginning point. Levementum has created a proven system that starts with a custom build environment scan to report on the overall complexity and level of support needed for the pending upgrade.

Benefits to Assessing Before Upgrading

  • Deliver a strategy and budget requirements for your upgrade so you are prepared to move forward when ready
  • Equip yourself and team with knowledge about current usage of your instance
  • Present an in-depth analysis of your customizations, logic hooks, integrations, bottlenecks etc.
  • Offer recommendations to maximize the value of the new Sugar 7.x Intelligence Panel
  • Confirm your environment is safe for upgrade to the newly designed platform