Levementum Selected As One Of Consulting Mag’s Seven Small Jewels

“Each February, Consulting magazine puts the smaller firms that are shaking up the industry under the microscope. These firms are excelling in many ways, but perhaps the most noticeable way is revenue growth. These Seven Small Jewels are outpacing the profession in terms of their financial performance. And when we say “outpacing,” we mean “way, way, way outpacing” the profession.” … Read More

Website Accessibility: Remove Barriers for Your Site Visitors

Having an accessible website means that you are removing barriers that prevent interaction with your website by people with disabilities. Those disabilities might include sight impairment, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and hearing impairment. When your site is designed and developed correctly to comply with accessibility standards, all users will have equal access to information and functionality. The US Rehabilitation Act … Read More

Preference Centers 101: Customer Marketing Solutions

A major part of building relationships with your customers, is setting the tone for interactions with the communications tools you implement within your organization. While it may seem basic to consider allowing your customers to select the desired frequency, content and communications they receive; it is in fact, an area that is often overlooked and has potentially high impact on … Read More

Debunking PCI Compliance Misconceptions and Paving the Path for Enhanced Security

In our last blog, we discussed understanding Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the misconception that moving to a cloud-based infrastructure for commerce sites will lack security when it comes to cardholder data. As we alluded to, the reality is that this type of approach can enhance security, thus saving your business and your customers the money … Read More

Understanding PCI Compliance and the Top Misconception About PCI in the Cloud

For those running today’s top commerce sites, customers’ payment security is likely a top-of-mind concern. Any organization or website who accepts or processes payment that come in the form of payment cards are required to comply by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). These standards exist to help protect credit card data.  Unfortunately, it can be challenging to … Read More

Reflecting On 2017: An Interview with Lev Leaders

2017 was a historical and record breaking year in Levementum’s history. Nearly doubling in headcount across the nation, opening an office in Indianapolis, announcing a Commerce Cloud practice in Michigan and continuing to cultivate our partnership with Salesforce, last year will be remembered for the hard work exhibited by all our team members and the tireless dedication that was shown … Read More

Holiday Checklist for Commerce Sites: Returns

Like clockwork, as part of the gift-giving season comes the gift-returning season. While the hope is that returns will not happen, it is an unavoidable circumstance of holiday commerce. Gifts may be given to someone who is unfamiliar with a retailer – therefore making a return the customer’s first interaction with a brand. Bring attention to these few suggestions and … Read More

Holiday Checklist for Commerce Sites: Last Shipping Day

Have you ever thought about improving how you handle the last day of shipping before heading into the holidays, to give your customers a more seamless experience? Different retailers have different requirements for processing orders and utilize different default shipping methods, this date differs between sites which makes it confusing for customers. While the last shipping date is typically understood … Read More

An Architectural Uplift to Support Growth and Expansion

  With their existing Salesforce platform lacking scalability and having morphed into an inflexible and fragile monster, a leading physical therapy software company needed a data hub that would support the acquisitions and rapid growth they were experiencing. Their vision was to modernize Salesforce and empower their sales and service teams with an information-first culture that provided what they needed, when … Read More