A New Direction: What’s Happening At Lev

Benjamin Franklin said, “when you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Levementum (Lev) has seen many changes recently, but we’ve always been a company strategically aligned to the next important step, that ensures continued success for ourselves, our customers and our customer’s customer. Who doesn’t like win-win-win relationships? When you’re finished changing, you’re finished. -Benjamin Franklin From progressing towards cloud-based solutions, to … Read More

Levementum Board of Directors Names Michael Burton CEO

MEDIA CONTACT:  Lauren Littlefield, Willow Marketing lauren@willowmarketing.com 317-257-5225 ext. 8924 INDIANAPOLIS (May 22, 2018) — Levementum (“Lev”), a digital marketing, eCommerce and IoT consultancy with offices in Indianapolis, Arizona, California, Texas, and Michigan announced today that its Board of Directors appointed Michael Burton as Chief Executive Officer, effective June 1, 2018. Burton previously held the position as Senior Vice President. … Read More

Lev Shifts Focus Toward Consumer Marketing and Customer Management

It’s an exciting time at Lev as we continue to set our sights on becoming a premier digital consultancy by focusing our business on consumer-facing marketing and customer management partnerships. To support our fast growth nationwide, we have raised $4 million in funding and have sold our SugarCRM Partner practice. This is a decision that marks the celebration of another … Read More

Levementum Sets Sights on Becoming the Premier Digital Consultancy Focused on Consumer Engagement

The Digital Consulting Firm Announces a Successful Funding Round of $4 Million and the Sale of its SugarCRM Partner Rights   CHANDLER, Ariz. (April 17, 2018) — Levementum (“Lev”), an Arizona-based digital consultancy with offices in Chandler as well as Indianapolis, California, Texas, and Michigan, today announced its focusing all efforts on consumer-facing marketing and customer management partnerships as it … Read More

Continuous Improvement: Driving Performance through Personalization

Think about the last time you really were captivated by an email? What captured you? The CTA? The brand? The design? The contest? The prices? After spending my entire career in digital marketing, I have admittedly become numb to most messaging. You may have as well. But maybe you can relate, there are things that keep coming back, like when … Read More

The Marketing, Commerce, and Service Event of the Year. Oh, my!

A little backstory: In 2013, Salesforce acquired ExactTarget’s industry-leading marketing automation and email campaign management capabilities to deliver a comprehensive marketing platform. In 2016, the Demandware acquisition was announced and Salesforce pioneered a market shift to empower retailers to engage and inspire consumers, enhance brand value, and increase profitably. Now, ExactTarget’s Connections and Demandware’s Xchange are known as Salesforce Connections. … Read More

Understanding AI in Commerce to Engage Your Customers

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with maintaining new features required inside your business that are also continuously expanding sales and building relationships with your customers? In the dynamic world of e-commerce it used to be enough for a site’s content to simply be searchable– Can customers find your products? Next came increasingly comprehensive SEO– Are your … Read More

Journey Mapping: Getting Started

Once it’s been determined that Journey Builder is the right tool for your marketing campaign, the next step is mapping the perfect journey and determining the data you’ll need to best engage your customers and experience results. Mapping the Perfect Journey The best way to start planning your journey is to simply grab a pencil and paper or a whiteboard … Read More