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BancVue uses CRM to Help Community Banks and Credit Unions Compete With Megabanks

BancVue (Kasasa), a provider of innovative products, world-class marketing and data-driven consulting solutions to community financial institutions, has established significant business efficiencies, increased growth and achieved customer service milestones since deploying its CRM solution. Today, all Kasasa employees across the organization are leveraging CRM technology to help its customers compete with large, established financial institutions and megabanks across the United States.


“SugarCRM software combines all BancVue’s customer business processes into a centralized platform that allows our employees to sell, service and support our customers in a highly personalized and localized way,” said Thomas Shields, BancVue vice president and general manager of operations. “SugarCRM software has truly improved our workflows and business processes. Those, coupled with the insights gained from analytics-based reporting, have saved us nearly 4,000 staff hours per year, improved revenue forecasting and contributed to BancVue’s rapid growth – which has tripled in size during the past seven years.”

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